Wrong Man Running

“Vividly real and quite compelling… Hruska really knows how to write; fans of legal-thriller stars like John Grisham, John Lescroart, William Lashner, and especially Scott Turow will want to add this fine novel to their must-read lists.”— Booklist

“Grabs readers and leaves them hanging on for dear life… excellent dialogue and nonstop action.”— Suspense Magazine

“A classic legal thriller in the mold of Scott Turow, with a fiery heroine, a monster of a mobster, corporate villains, and a young lawyer fighting to win his first big case. The action is compelling in and out of the courtroom. Taut, lean storytelling with a great finish.”— Michael Sears, award-winning author of Black Fridays and Mortal Bonds

"With the backdrop of Mad Men–era New York, Pardon the Ravens never fears to get dirty with style. Alan Hruska brings it all—sounds, smells, tastes, and attitude—to life with passion. Bravo!"— Cara Black, author of the New York Times bestselling Aimée Leduc series

“… an erudite legal thriller”— Library Journal

“The plot rockets along”— Kirkus Reviews

"Pardon the Ravens by Alan Hruska is a legal thriller that keeps the reader guessing as to who will prevail. Brno is a great character, one you would want on your side at all times. And you've got to admire his girl friend. She's got guts. Hruska, a graduate of Yale Law School and a former trial lawyer, is no stranger to writing or directing. Pardon the Ravens is his third novel. He rivals any of the other authors of legal thrillers."—Bookloons.com

"With Alan Hruska you're guaranteed a non-stop pace, witty dialogue and characters you care about. IT HAPPENED AT TWO IN THE MORNING was my must-read thriller this year and - wow! - he delivered!” —Peter Lovesey, award-winning author of the Peter Diamond series

"Beautifully written and beautifully imagined, this dark, spiraling, Kafkaesque nightmare might be the best psychological suspense you'll read this year - or this decade." --Lee Child

 "It's like some excellent Hitchcock--The 39 Steps, North by Northwest, Frenzy . . . Perfect late-night reading, as long as you don't mind all the back-loaded twists that pile up toward 3 a.m.” --Kirkus Reviews, Jun 1, 2011

“In this erudite legal thriller (prepare for references to Keats, Trollope, Hannah Arendt, Rene Magritte), a Manhattan assistant D.A. is shocked when several victims of a serial rapist identify him as the perpetrator. . .This is a tremendously exciting book, extremely well written (the dialogue fairly sings) and extremely well constructed . . . and it is as good as the best offerings of Turow, Grisham, and other legal-thriller hitmakers. In a genre stuffed to bursting with good material, this one stands out”--Starred Booklist Review, July 15, 2011

"The dark grabs you on the first page and just gets darker" --John Shannon, author of the Jack Liffey novels

"Alec Brno is a magician whose specialty is making cases disappear. . . [A] well-executed legal thriller."


"Hruska's lively follow-up to 2015's Pardon the Ravens amps up the mix of legal and Mafia shenanigans. . . The fast pacing and frequent threats, legal and otherwise, keep it on course."

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Ring Twice for Miranda

A Play by Alan Hruska

Paperback and Kindle edition 2018

Performed at New York City Center 2017

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Borrowed Time


1984 Doubleday (hard cover)

1985 Baen Books (soft cover)

Audiobook Performed by Graeme Malcolm 2022

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It Happened at Two in the Morning

An exploration of power and tyranny in a post-apocalyptic world. Inside, from his bedroom, 'Sir' rules 'The District' and the lives of Elliott, the butler, and Miranda, the maid. Their romance has hit the rocks, their jobs don’t exist, but she’s got some sort of relationship with Sir that guarantees them food, shelter and safety. Then everything goes wrong, but not in ways that you expect or can foresee.


Chairman and Co-founder

Alan co-founded the book publishing company, Soho Press, with his late wife, Laura Chapman Hruska, and their friend, Juris Jurjevics, former Editor-in-Chief of The Dial Press and husband of the late Laurie Colwin.  Soho has discovered many now prominent writers, such as Edwidge Danticat, and established Soho Crime, a unique line of literate mystery novels, dealing with the customs and culture of foreign nations.  Alan and Laura's daughter, Bronwen Hruska, an author and journalist, now runs the company and has brought it to new levels of success.

The Inglorious Arts

2021 Audiobook Now Available in addition to hard cover and soft cover




2021 Audiobook - Narrated by Graeme Malcolm

2012 Severn House (hard cover)

2013 Thomas & Mercer (soft cover)

Pardon the Ravens

Audiobook - February 2022

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Hardcover - February 2015

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