Pardon the Ravens

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Alan Hruska writes and directs 

films and plays, and is a novelist

and book publisher. 


On Finding the Perfect Audio Narrator

by Alan Hruska

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Lee Child said, regarding Wrong Man Running, “Beautifully written and beautifully imagined, this dark, spiraling Kafkaesque nightmare might be the best psychological suspense you’ll read this year - or this decade.” A Booklist starred review stated, “This is a tremendously exciting book, extremely well written (the dialogue fairly sings) and extremely well constructed.... It is as good as the best offerings of Turow, Grisham, and other legal-thriller hitmakers.” And the Kirkus reviewer concluded, “It’s like some excellent Hitchcock - The 39 Steps, North by Northwest.” 

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"Alec Brno is a magicina whose specialty is making cases disappear. . . [A] well-executed legal thriller."


"Hruska's lively follow-up to 2015's Pardon the Ravens amps up the mix of legal and Mafia shenanigans. . . The fast pacing and frequent threats, legal and otherwise, keep it on course."

                                                --------Publlsher's Weekly

February 2019

Alan lives in New York with his wife, Julie Iovine, who is a writer and dog trainer.


Now Available As An Audiobook

narrated by Graeme Malcolm

Janaury 24th through April 16th, 2017

New York City Center Stage II

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